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Name:  Jamez Evanz

Martian Name:  Krad Nam, Descendent of the Obsidians, the original warriors of Mars

Alias: Charles Garvey

Occupation on Mars:  Scientist

Native Planet:  Mars (3rd Colony)

Krad Nam was sent to Earth in a Martian spacecraft on March 1, 1960, by Obsidian scientists to observe, study and document Earthling behavior for research.  Due to the Earth’s atmosphere and Krad’s physiological makeup, he acquired abilities that he did not have on his home planet of Mars, including super-strength, the ability to fly, Martian energy blasts he could summon through his hands, limited shapeshifting capabilities, and the ability to heal from injuries quickly.  However, he was instructed by his fellow scientists to never use his powers to interfere in Earth’s events and never draw attention to himself.  He was there strictly as an observer.  Krad’s mission was scheduled to be completed in fifty-two Earth years and he was told to return to Mars at that time.  He was also told that if he did not return to his home planet as scheduled, he would be stuck on Earth with no way to return home.

When Krad’s spacecraft crash-landed in a field in Tupelo, Mississippi, he shapeshifted into the first being he saw…A black man walking near a trail not far from his crash site.  Krad was immediately intrigued by the black man’s physical appearance because it was identical to the Obsidians’ physical makeup on Mars.  Unfortunately, his first encounter as a black person on Earth would shape his experience for the next four decades.  He was chased by a car full of white men with shotguns who yelled racial slurs at him.  He narrowly escaped.

Krad traveled to Chicago, renamed himself “Charles Garvey”, but kept an extremely low profile.  Because of his Martian blood, he never aged on Earth, which gave him the opportunity to experience America through the eyes of a young African American man from the 60’s to the present.  He witnessed the early stages of the civil rights movement, the formation of the Black Panthers, the effect of the Vietnam War on the black community, the devastating advent of crack in the 80’s, Rodney King and the Los Angeles riots in 1992, and many other historical happenings that left an indelible imprint on Krad.  Even though he stayed committed to his mission as an observer, the plight of the African American community became close to his heart.

In 2006, Krad befriended an old homeless man named Jimmy Evans and they developed a bond.  He protected “Mister Jimmy” from harm and Jimmy became somewhat of a father figure to him.  The two were inseparable.  They became so close, in fact, that Krad broke a cardinal rule of his mission and revealed his identity, even showing Jimmy some of his Earth-born powers.  Sadly, Jimmy died on April 19, 2011, leaving Krad alone once again.

In 2012, as Krad’s mission on Earth was close to completion, he was devastated by the murder of Trayvon Martin.  After all he had seen over the last 52 years, this tragic event was his personal tipping point.  Krad questioned how he could exist on Earth, see what he had seen and not do anything.  He decided he owed it to the community that embraced him during his stay and chose not to go back to Mars.  He decreed from that point on, he would use his powers for good to fight crooked cops, shady politicians, criminals, and anyone else who would bring harm to the Black community. Krad changed his name in remembrance of his old friend, “Mister Jimmy”.  He donned an outfit similar to what Trayvon wore the night he was murdered, including a hoodie, and shapeshifted his face to fade to black to hide his identity.  Thus, Jamez Evanz, the cosmic vigilante, was born!